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No single treatment or product can solve your overweight problem!!!. But a Slimming System Can! FCBS delivers simple yet highly effective and innovative slimming system empowers you to lose weight virtually at will. This new program that unleashes the body’s fat burning power let you lose weight in a flash, surprisingly with NO MEDICINES, NO CRASH DIETS, & NO STRENUOUS EXERCISES.

SMART SAFETY SLIMMING SYSTEM is professional, healthy & produces safe results without any side effects. And without strenuous workout or cosmetic surgery, you can lose weight & get in shape!!! A well qualified and experienced professionals which include, physiotherapists, dietician, spa therapists, beauty therapists, slimming specialists are formulating individual & customized slimming program for each client’s need.

Features of Our Slimming System

  • No crash diet
  • No appetite suppressants, & anti obesity drugs
  • Targeted Inch Loss quickly & easily
  • Reduction of 1 cloth size within a course of sessions
  • Suitable for both men & women
  • Banish cellulite leaving smoother, firmer & younger skin
  • Say goodbye to unwanted bulges from waist, tummy, hips, thighs arms & chin

During and after weight loss, we closely monitor and modify the lifestyles of client and reinforce the program to help you maintain the weight.

  • Weight Loss
  • Body Firming & Toning
  • Body Shaping
  • Cellulite control therapies
  • Skin tightening
  • Post-natal Abdominal Firming & toning
  • Face lift & Bust lift
  • Diet Modification

Please find out the Risk factors mentioned below related to obesity
Overweight people are,

  • 35 percent more likely to develop kidney cancer (obese: 70 percent)
  • 50 percent more likely to develop heart disease (obese: Up to 100 percent)
  • Up to 360 percent more likely to develop diabetes (obese: Up to 1,020 percent)
  • 16 percent more likely to die of a first heart attack (obese: 49 percent)
  • Roughly 50 percent more likely to have total cholesterol above 250(obese: Up to 122 percent)
  • 50 percent more likely to have erectile dysfunction (obese: 200 percent)
  • 14 percent less attractive to the opposite sex (obese: 43 percent)
  • Likely to spend 37 percent more a year at the pharmacy(obese: 105 percent)
  • Likely to stay 19 percent longer in the hospital (obese: 49 percent)
  • 20 percent more likely to have asthma (obese: 50 percent)
  • Up to 31 percent more likely to die of any cause (obese: 62 percent)
  • 120 percent more likely to develop stomach cancer (obese: 330 percent)
  • Up to 90 percent more likely to develop gallstones (obese: Up to 150 percent)
  • 14 percent more likely to have osteoarthritis (obese: 34 percent)
  • 70 percent more likely to develop high blood pressure (obese: Up to 170 percent)

  • Normal Fat Percentages Men Women
    Up to the age of 30 9-15% 14 – 21%
    From the age of 30 -50 11-17% 15 – 23%
    From the age of 50 and up 12-19% 16 – 25%
    Major improvement needed 26-30% + Above 26 – 35% + above

FCBS is the ultimate Spa Salon in Al Barsha Dubai to offers wide range of advanced slimming, beauty, hair and massage treatments for women.
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