How to Lose Weight by Eating Well and Exercising

The idea is simple, the process…not so much. Weight loss demands things that are hard to give up. It requires not just surrendering certain foods but also comfort and time. However, there are many ways to help you fight this battle and begin to even want it for yourself. First let’s go over the foods that you should stay away from at all costs:

  • Processed foods.
  • Sweet drinks (tea, soda, flavored coffee, juices).
  • Excess carbohydrates.
  • Sweets and Pastries (desserts and candy).

These are the foods you should not eat, now let’s focus on a few smart ways of eating. When approaching a meal, start with the veggies or fruit first. Studies show that you eat most of what you start with. Begin with vegetables then protein and in the end, carbohydrates.

Sandwiches: If you are going to eat a sandwich, there are a few things to keep in mind. Do not add mayonnaise or butter. Instead, you could put mustard on the bread. Also, lettuce and tomato are really healthy and will add a lot of flavor and texture.

Salads: That is where a lot of people get tripped up. Salads can be extremely healthy and a great choice for those who are looking to shed pounds. The only problem is, they can be just as fattening as some foods. Adding countless toppings and dressing to a small pile of lettuce is counteracting the whole idea behind choosing a salad. When eating a salad, first of all note the portion. Then choose carefully the dressing, if you feel that you need it. Pick something that is not creamy like vinaigrette or low-fat Italian.

Wheat: When you do have bread or anything with wheat, make sure it is whole wheat.

Eat slow and enjoy every bite. It is proven that you get fuller when you take your time eating. Do not skip meals, your metabolism will slow down and make losing weight even harder.

Eat 3 meals a day: Limit snacking, but if you must, make them small and light.

Do not snack after dinner: Snacking at night is dangerous. You can “feel” hungry just because the day is at a close and you are unwinding. If you need to go to bed earlier, that would be a good option. Following your diet plan the whole day and then slipping at night will be defeating and you may become discouraged because you are not seeing results.

Diets: In diets there are always “do’s” and “don’ts,” and honestly, they are hard to follow. The main key is that you keep your regiment. This takes practice too. Eventually, once you have reached your desired weight, you will no longer be on a “diet,” but a new lifestyle. The problem with diets is that they are just a phase; a sprint, if you will. Once that diet is over, you can eat whatever you want again. Start to develop the mindset that this is more like a marathon, pace yourself. This way you will accomplish so much more and cover a lot more ground.

Goals: They have to be set and in place to ensure you will get to your end result. Motivation, make a bet with friends to see how much weight you can lose in a week or month. Stay busy, often times when you want a snack, it is not that you are hungry; it is just your mind reminding you of its former pattern. Do not give into your body telling you “this is the time you normally are eating something.” Find something to do. Keeping your mind and body doing something will limit your desire to graze. Set mini goals that are attainable, but will push you. Looking at all the weight you want to lose can be defeating, be fair with yourself and take one day at a time. Some people find a food diary helpful.

Finally, exercise. For some people, this is the hardest part. It takes time, and maybe discomfort in the beginning. But I promise you it will pay off. Getting your heart rate up is crucial to your health and in losing weight. Find something you like to do, it could be a sport, running or lifting. Whatever it is, stick to it, and slowly you will get into a routine. Try to increase your exercise until you are up to 5-7 days a week, about 30 minutes a day.

Cardiovascular exercise is good when wanting to lose weight. Running is one of the best cardio exercises and you can have products for that in your home. Also biking, elliptical, hiking, swimming, and any other sports that require a substantial amount of running. When running, there is a release of endorphin which will give you a good feeling during and after exercise.

Exercise builds self-esteem, muscle, and fitness while breaking down fat. You will most likely start to enjoy working out. You also will sleep much better and feel better about yourself.

Nobody wants to be held back because of their body. Become who you really are and start a healthy and refreshing lifestyle today. You will feel revived, more energized, and happier because of it. Discipline will become a part of your daily life, and that is something to be proud of. Believe in yourself, you have it in you!

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