How Can One Really Lose the Weight?

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How was it that you really got going on your weight loss. People so unbelievably stuck and have been for a very long time feeling very hopeless but I know this is something you really want and need in your life. How do you break the awful cycle of negative thinking?

Let me break it down to some simple steps.

Ignoring the Inner Mean image of yourself !!!

It all starts when you start hating your body and punishing yourself badly for not being in shape. You must be wondering how to start this journey of losing weight and reshaping your body which you would love to see. You first need to have feeling of acceptance. Look in to mirror and say to yourself.

“OK, that’s it. Look at you. This is YOU. And that’s OK. You are making changes to be a healthier, more active person. Your body will change in the process, but you need to accept yourself now. It’s the only way.”

It would be lying if you say that immediately you felt a sense of self love. Your inner mean image still tells you that you are not good enough and laughs at you when you put on bathing suit however you will decide that you would no longer allow that inner image to stop you from experiencing life and reaching your goals. This will take practice and patience. You need to keep doing things towards your weight loss goal despite the negative thoughts. Wear the tank top even though it makes you uncomfortable. Reach out for support even if you think it does not going to work. Take the risks. Prove the inner image wrong. The more you put efforts towards losing weight, the more confident you will get.

Now what if you will try and fail?

Then you try again and again because what the other alternative is? To live your life looking fat and not acceptable, NO WAY !! Life is too precious. Do not allow your negative feelings to get on your way and keep trying till you achieve your goals.

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