Go The Extra Mile: Five No-Bull Diet Musts Anyone Can Follow

Dieting is never enjoyable. A diet always means depriving yourself of certain foods, the amount of those foods, and sometimes how often you get to eat any food at all. To make a diet as easy to stick with as possible, it is important to have five dieting “musts” that form the backbone of your plan.

Drink Water, A Lot of Water

Drinking water is one of the most important things we can do, whether we’re dieting or not. Water helps to flush toxins from our bodies and helps our stomachs to feel fuller on less food.

It is very difficult to drink too much water, so keep a jug with you and drink as much as you are able to do so comfortably. Thirst also occasionally masquerades as hunger, so if you’re hungry, drink water first, wait a few minutes and then see if you’re still hungry.

Stick To Foods Without Wrappers

Foods that come prepackaged tend to be higher in sugar and fat, while lower in protein and fiber. This is not always the case, but if it comes in a package with a label, there is almost always a healthier option.

The one exception to this may be nutritional shakes and bars. Which leads us to:

When Things Get Busy, Shake Things Up

Cooking a healthy meal when time is short is not always possible. Having a few go to meal replacement shakes that are quick and easy to make can help you stick to your diet. A quality protein powder can be mixed with fruits, vegetables, water or low-fat milk and can be a suitable choice when time is short.

Be sure that you read the ingredients label and opt for quality, even if at a slightly higher cost.

Get A Dieting Buddy, Otherwise Keep It To Yourself

This advice goes somewhat against the tide of most dieting advice. Having someone else to share in the dieting “fun” can help with adherence, but including too many people in your goals can often backfire.

People who aren’t dieting will come up with surprising ways to sabotage your efforts, so go about your business quietly, but be willing to lean on your dieting buddy.

Eat Breakfast

Intermittent fasting, skipping meals in order to eat less, is a hot topic in the dieting community. It can be very effective, but it takes more discipline than many new dieters have and can be dangerous for some people with certain medical conditions.

A better option for most is to east breakfast everyday. Take the time to get three or four healthy breakfast meals that you can rotate, and be sure to eat one of these options everyday.

Dieting Isn’t Fun, But It Doesn’t Have To Be Awful

Take the time to plan, make good choices, and have a little grit to get through the rough times and your diet can be relatively easy and very successful.

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