Eat Slowly is the New Secret behind Weight Loss

Everybody wants to look good and often opt for crash dieting or fad dieting. People even go to the extent of taking weight loss pills to shed those extra pounds. However, today’s blog post will not give you those typical suggestions to lose weight.  Rather it will share a few secrets that you may not aware of. They are effective measures that can help you go a long way towards achieving your weight loss goal.

Although exercise is an important factor in the process of weight loss programs, it is also the food that plays a significant role. It is not just starving oneself with diets but eating healthy foods in an appropriate quantity is highly required.

Eating slowly is the biggest secret behind weight loss:

Eating fast leads to more eating in less time. However, when we eat slowly, we tend to eat less because our senses stay more alert at that point in time and send signals to the brain saying that the stomach is full. Therefore, we feel satisfied and eat less. Research says that a normal human body needs only a fistful of food for one meal to satisfy the stomach. Therefore, we can end a meal when you are actually satisfied instead of stuffing food in your stomach. It should ideally take twenty minutes for this whole process to get complete and for the brain to get the signal from the digestive system that you are full.

Therefore, when you eat in a hurry or fast, you will certainly land up eating more than actually required. By the time your brain sends signals, you would find that you have already finished eating more than what you should have in the same time span. As you can see that the reason behind providing time for effective communication between these crucial body systems.

The advantages of eating slowly:

Eating slowly has its own advantages. It improves the digestion process and help absorbing the nutrients properly. The process of digesting food basically begins in the mouth as we chew. When the food is slowly and properly chewed the stomach does not have to make an effort to digest the food since the food is already broken into simpler form and the nutrients are absorbed faster with less digestive ailments.

Researchers say that eating slowly also help in reducing the stress level and rapidly help in losing weight. The slow pace and the focus on what and how much you eat can directly impact your stress levels. This in turn also influences your daily intake of calories thus helping you to reduce weight.

Choosing the right food is also important:

Although there is a huge list of foods that can aid in weight loss, here are a couple of them the post would suggest giving you a healthier life:


Oats can keep you full throughout the day and help in weight loss. Most importantly it controls the cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.

Apple and blueberries:

Both are rich in antioxidants and tend to cut down calories. The antioxidants in apple avert metabolic disorder, a condition which is characterized by excess belly fat. Similarly, the high antioxidants present in blueberries help you to shed those additional pounds.


Dig into egg white and sometime in egg yolk as they are rich in proteins and aid in trimming your inches.


To shrink your waist and keep your heart healthy, eat salmon. The omega-3 fatty acid enhances the insulin sensitivity and help to build muscle and decrease belly fat.


Lentils prevent insulin spikes that make your body create excess fat especially around the belly. Lentils are known as bona fide for belly flatteners.

Besides, make fresh fruits, green vegetables and plenty of water an important part of your daily diet.

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