Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

There would appear to be an increasing number of people seeking to lose weight, whether that is because they have become concerned at the health risks associated with being overweight or have just had a baby and want to get their figure back. Whatever the reason, good workout routines are now essential to getting the most out of your exercise regime.

Reducing your weight can often best be achieved by a combination of healthy eating and exercise, but how do you go about the latter? Many people just take to the streets and jog before going to work or when they return home from a hard day in the office.

However, an increasing number of people are joining a gym or creating a home gym. Many workouts utilize various pieces of equipment, including such things as weights and cardio exercise machines as well as take part in various group fitness classes. While they may appear easy to use, it may help you to have a better understanding of which cardio exercise machines are more suitable to aid you in your attempt to lose weight and how to use each machine.

Here are some of the most suitable machines and how to use them:

  • Treadmill:

The treadmill really needs little introduction, as it is probably the most frequently seen machine in gyms and the most used. It is believed that the treadmill burns more calories than any of the other cardio exercise machines. It is extremely
versatile in so much as you can vary the incline as well as the speed at which you are walking, jogging or running.

As far as fat burning goes the treadmill is capable of helping you burn about 17 calories every minute. A possible exercise to try that should prove beneficial in losing weight, is to choose a speed of around 2 minutes per kilometre less than the speed that you normally run outdoors. Do this for 2 minutes with the incline at 1%. After that, increase the incline to 4% for a further 2 minutes. Follow this process by raising the incline by 2% every 2 minutes until the treadmill has got to an elevation of 10%. After that, you should come back down the scale by 1% each time for every 2 minutes until the 20 minute period has elapsed.

  • Stationary Bike:

The stationary bike is another traditional fixture of the gym. It can help increase endorphins and improve energy levels. To use it correctly, you should cycle for about 5 minutes and then raise your bottom off the seat and pedal in the same way that you would if you were climbing a hill for a period of 1 minute. As far as fat burning goes the stationary bike is capable of helping you burn about 14 calories every minute.

A good workout is to cycle at around 95% of the maximum effort you would normally ride at for a period of 90 seconds and then reduce your speed to about 40% of normal effort. Using the same levels, do them again over 60 seconds and 30 seconds. Once you have completed the last 30 second period of recovery, you should cycle to 70% of your maximum effort for a period of 4 minutes. This should be repeated once again.

  • Elliptical Trainer:

Elliptical trainers are believed to produce similar cardiovascular benefits as a treadmill machine but without having the same effect on your joints. Therefore, they make an ideal piece of equipment if you particularly enjoy running and need to stay in shape but without having to face up to the pressure that running on treadmills places on your hips, knees and ankles.

As far as fat burning goes, the elliptical trainer is capable of helping you burn about 13 calories every minute.

A possible fat burning exercise routine worth trying is to alternate between high resistance levels and high-speed levels. In doing so, you should then be capable of working for an extended period of time at a relatively greater intensity.

After warming up, you can heighten the resistance level of the elliptical trainer until you reach a point where you have reached an 80% striding rate of your maximum output. Following a period of 2 minutes, you should reduce the level of resistance to the point it was at when you were warming up but you should heighten the rate of your stride, meaning that you are still achieving the 80% striding rate of your maximum output. Continue alternating in this way for a period of 20 minutes.

  • Rowing Machine:

The rowing machine is well-known for its capability to provide a good all round work out. This is because you are using numerous muscles in different parts of your body, including your arms, legs and stomach.

It is important you use the rowing machine correctly. For instance, when you are in the back stroke, you need to make sure your knees are both just about straight prior to the squeezing together of your shoulder blades. At this point, you should pull the handle towards your sternum. Whilst doing this, it is important that your back remains naturally arched throughout the process. Good posture is key.

As far as fat burning is concerned, the rowing machine is able to burn around 11 calories every minute.

An excellent exercise is to set the resistance at level four on the rowing machine and then undertake a series of 10, 15 and 20 powerful strokes, pulling the handle with as much force and as quickly as possible towards you. Between the power strokes, you should spend a minute making easy strokes of around half of the power you were using. Continue to follow this routine for 20 minutes.

It would be sensible to utilize all these machines as part of your weight loss program, as this will provide variety within your schedule, so you don’t get bored and your body gets a balanced workout.

Hopefully, the above will provide you with some assistance in choosing the most suitable cardio exercise machines at the gym or for your home to help you lose weight and improve your fitness levels.

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