Metrosexual Grooming – A Trend in the Modern Dubai Lifestyle

Metrosexual Grooming

Spa and grooming treatments often come with the stigma of being girly or not for men. These days in Dubai however there is a wide range of treatments are available for men.

Taking pride in your appearance is vital. The trend these days are lavish lounges and Spas designed for men. The lounges offering shaves to waxing to haircuts, manicures, massages and facials. All set in masculine and sophisticated surroundings with added luxury like plasma and private libraries.

FCBS beauty and slimming center is one of those DHA certified center offering body slimming, beauty and massage treatments for men.  There are also lots of great deals available.

Call FCBS now to know more about our services and offers available on +971-4-3255481 or visit

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