How to Achieve Five Current Men’s Hair Trends

Most fashion magazines focus on styles for women’s hair and clothing. However, every leading lady also needs a leading man. Men can be just as stylish and fashionable as women, and there are trends that men can follow, as well. Here’s a look at five of the top trends in hairstyles for men and tips on how you can achieve them:

The Undercut:

The undercut is one of the most popular styles right now, and it is one of the easiest to achieve. The cut includes shaved sides all the way around the head with hair on the top. You can style the top anyway you like, including a flip or combing it to the side.

Slick Back:

The slick back can be in conjunction with the undercut or just a regular short cut. The key is to slick back the top of the hair. You’ll need a little mousse or gel to slick the hair back, creating a sophisticated look. You can even do it with long hair. The key is to keep the hair back on the top and held neatly in place.

Shaggy Hair:

The rise of the hipster has made the shaggy style popular. Think of stars like Andy Samberg or Ashton Kutcher. You’ll have to grow the hair out slightly, letting it fall below your ears, at least. Then tousle it slightly with a bit of mouse or blow it out. The messier the hair is the better.

Side swept Bangs:

All the girls went crazy for Justin Bieber’s side swept bangs. Even if he cut them, the style still lives on. Just grow your bangs long and have a stylish them cut to the side. Apply some mousse or gel and use a blow dryer to set them. Then make the ladies swoon by flipping them out of your eyes all day.


It’s been a great year for the beard. Short beards, long beards, and bushy beards have all made it onto the main stage. You can grow yours out to any length that suits you. Keep it trimmed or let it grow wild. If you get tired of it, just order some shaving tools from The Art of Shaving to get that baby-faced look or to try a goatee or other trimmed style.

As a man, you have more options for your hair than buzz cut or ponytail. Try out some of these top trends to find one that suits you.

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