Things To Do To Stay Fit and Active in Month of Ramadan

Things To Do To Stay Fit and Active in Month of Ramadan

This is without any doubt that Ramadan is a month of cleansing for both the body & mind but, with the access to rich, delicious food, coupled with lavish Iftars by the hospitality industry, it can also become a month of over-indulgence.

Unfortunately, without taking any food and drink for the greater part of the day, many people tend to actually gain weight instead of losing during the month of Ramadan – fasting Month. To avoid this practice into the Ramadan weight trap, we need to set our goals and follow very basic guidelines to keep our health and wellbeing in check.

1. How to Control your calories:

Much of the food prepared for Ramadan meals is rich, greasy and filled with calories. The trick is to avoid laden dishes & indulging in calorie and focus on healthy food, along with the activities to increase metabolism.

Normally, We tend to consume more food during Ramadan, but remember, fasting all day does not give you the license to eat the food & all the type at all time, Best thing, the fast was broken with just water and dates followed by dinner after the Maghrib (sunset) prayers.

2. Detox naturally:

Some diets prescribe fasting to detox and cleanse the body, but why follow a fad when you are doing this for a month in a year? some respite allow it to remove toxins and other impurities that are the result of unhealthy

eating of processed rather than organic foods. So in Ramadan as the perfect time to detox and combine it with healthy eating to achieve weight loss, while cleaning the digestive system same time.

3. Eat Suhoor:

When our bodies sense a lack of food, we burn lot of existing fat to make energy, resulting in weight loss. But must be careful to avoid reaching a stage when the body breaking down muscle protein for energy. When glucose – which is stored in the liver & muscles, runs out  the fat is the next source for energy. So that, better to eat fresh, wholesome food, as well as slow-releasing foods.

4. Do light and healthy exercises:

Its obvious that light exercises during the fasting can help us further to reduce toxins which are stored in the body. and when we exercise, higher levels of endorphins are released, making us feel good & mentally alert.

Start light exercises or best is yoga before Iftar can help calm us both physically and spiritually

5. Get enough sleep:

Food and Sleep play very important role & balancing meals in terms of protein and carbohydrates, and eating fresh. But one more thing is sleep which will help your body just as much,

so you don’t feel dull and fatigued all day. Tiredness and sluggishness is less to do with the fasting itself, and more with the lack of sleep.

7. Avoid to eat all the night:

In Ramadan social gatherings are more often and it is easy to end up eating late night or sometimes till to the early hours of the morning which definitely expands our waistlines.

There is no use for the energy stored from late-night eating as you go to bed soon after. Falling asleep with a full stomach also slows down your metabolic rate, making you feel sluggish the next day.

Fasting all the day & your hard work give the stomach a rest from food will be wasted.

8. Prepare grocery item lists:

If you are the one who is preparing the Iftar meal in your home, prepare a list of what food you need and what don’t. Prefer will be for fresh and healthy foods, including a variety of vegetables, lean meats and fruits.

9. Share the Ramadan Goals:

If you are interested in losing weight in Ramadan, it is easier to achieve your goals by sharing them with people. So your family and friends will be more supportive if they know your goals and may have

similar weight loss aspirations.

10. Monitor your weight regularly:

If you are done correctly, fasting should be the ticket to great health, a awesome body and mental well being. Establishing a plan to monitor your food intake, the portions you eat, the time you eat and your weight will motivate you further.

The trick is to start making healthy eating a part of your life from now, and try to keep the same things throughout the fasting period.

It is all about you & discipline which is after all, is the underlying message behind Ramadan.

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