Medical News: 5 Uncommon Maladies And Their Causes

As a society, we are fascinated with the weird and uncommon, and no more so than when it comes to illness. News reports are full of updates on the more common diseases, but how often is a case of werewolf syndrome reported? These rare and mysterious maladies endlessly fascinate us, both by their rarity, and for their causes.

Foreign Accent Syndrome:

Foreign Accent Syndrome(FAS), usually appears after a patient has suffered a stroke or other brain injury. The symptoms of this malady are the patient once awakening, is found to talk with a different accent than before. While this may not seem an entirely serious malady, in actuality it can be a sign of other more serious problems. FAS is caused when the potions of the brain that regulate speech and coordinate the muscles in the mouth are damaged. There is no cure for this malady, but speech therapy can help.

Periodic Paralysis:

This illness involves temporary paralysis or extreme weakness in the body’s muscles. Causes for this sudden paralysis can be attributed to salt consumption, loud noises, or relaxing after exercises. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this disease, but studies have shown that limiting salt intake, and refraining from excessive exercising can lessen the frequency of the attacks.

Cotard’s Syndrome:

This malady while still extremely rare, is starting to gain media mention. Cotard’s Syndrome is a psychological disorder that can make people believe that they are truly zombies. This does not prevent those suffering from this syndrome from moving about in ordinary life, they simply believe that they are soulless, living in a dead world. Causes for this frightening psychological malady are not known, but it does appear most often in patients suffering from severe clinical depression.

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome:

This rare medical condition occurring in women is not a frat boy’s dream. Instead it is a woman’s worst nightmare. Women suffering from this disorder experience an almost constant tingling sensation in their clitoris. Sensations can last hours, with ongoing orgasms continuing in a painful cycle. Unfortunately, medical professionals do not know what causes this syndrome, or how to cure it.


When discussing uncommon maladies, vertigo usually is not on the list. While almost everyone has experienced vertigo at some time in their lives, there are people who live with vertigo everyday. Vertigo symptoms usually include sweating and nausea, occasionally followed with vomiting. Vertigo is usually caused by an inner ear problem, but sometimes an eyesight problem is to blame. There are natural remedies to use when treating vertigo, the common being the use of special body aligning maneuvers.

While some of these uncommon maladies seem amusing, and others seem frightening, these illnesses are endlessly fascinating to us.

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