Medical Bills: Five Ways to Protect Your Health Savings

Finding affordable medical care today is quite a challenge. Medical costs seem to be rising daily, and health insurance often covers less and less. However, there are ways to keep the costs of medical care down. Follow these tips to help protect your health savings.

Compare Costs

The cost of a medical procedure can vary widely from doctor to doctor. If your doctor tells you that you need a procedure done, don’t be afraid to ask what the cost of the procedure will be. If it seems excessive, you have the option of shopping around or asking your doctor for a discount. If your doctor prescribes medication for you, check the prices at several pharmacies to make sure you are getting the best price.

Know your Insurance Plan

If you have health insurance, make sure that you are familiar with your health plan. If your plan requires you to see an in-network provider, make sure that all providers you see are in network, including doctors, specialists, surgeons, radiologists and laboratories. Know what benefits are available under your plan. Preventive services are often covered at 100%. Emergency room visits and urgent care visits are often covered at different benefit levels. If you don’t have a copy of your insurance plan, you can always call the customer service number listed on the back of your health insurance card to verify your benefits. If your health insurance company rejects or denies your claim, you always have to right to appeal their decision.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Many chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease can be minimized or prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. Try to maintain a healthy weight, and get regular exercise. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink an adequate amount of water.

Get Regular Medical Care

Regular doctor visits and routine health care tests can help to keep you healthy so you won’t require expensive treatments or medications. Annual physical exams can help your doctor spot problems while they are still minor, and easily treatable.

Emergency Health Care Funding

If you do have to have expensive medical treatments, there is help out there to assist you in paying for medical bills. Doctors and hospitals may offer discounts, or financial assistance programs. You also may be able to take out a loan or get an emergency cash advance to pay for your medical expenses.

To keep your medical expenses low, know what services and benefits your health insurance plan covers. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have all preventive health screenings performed. Following these tips will help you to keep your medical expenses down.

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