It’s More than Addiction: What Drugs do to Your Health

Since most of us were children, we have been indoctrinated to believe drugs are bad, as well we should! When we take in unhealthy substances, we put out unhealthy symptoms. While “addiction” is a word many are afraid of, we must remind ourselves exactly why it is so terrible, other than the effects it has on your family, friends and welfare. When you see the force with which drugs impact your body, you won’t worry about your kin nearly as much as your own poor health!




Different drugs, both legal and illegal, irritate your mouth. Cannabis can cause dry mouth and other drugs such as cocaine can cause lesions on the gums; however, methamphetamine takes the cake as the most harmful substance. It rapidly deteriorates the teeth, gums and inner flesh of the mouth. Meth ruins tooth enamel after a very short time and causes extreme decay which is sometimes beyond repair. Do your body and your dentist a favor, and stay away from these things!


There are three main types of drugs: hallucinogens, depressants and stimulants. Each category has its own effects on the human brain. Hallucinogens, like LSD, mushrooms and ketamine, change the transmissions between the brain and central nervous system, causing vibrant hallucinations. Unfortunately, the more you use them, the more they damage the brain, ruining memory and changing personality and general mood. Depressants, such as marijuana, alcohol, and opiates (including heroin) delay messages between the brain and the central nervous system. Long-term side effects include respiratory problems, weakened immune and reproductive systems and an inability to perform at top academic or professional level. Stimulants include cocaine and meth. These speed up your system, which overloads your brain, potentially leaving you with various disorders like insomnia, paranoia, anxiety and aggression.


While not all drugs can be overdosed on, all are potentially hazardous to our lives. Some, like cannabis and other smoked substances, can bring mouth and lung cancer. Alcohol can cause liver failure. Cocaine, heroin and other “hardcore” substances can be overdosed on easily. A substantial amount of deaths each year are accidents caused by people under the influence of one or more drug.

Drugs are bad for you. If you weren’t convinced when you began reading, surely you are now! Stay away from them, because the effects clearly are not those any sane person would want to live (or die) with.

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