Health Fundamentals: Five Pivotal Standards for Healthy Children

Today’s children are some of the sickest in the course of history. Diseases like adult-onset diabetes and heart conditions are plaguing the younger crowd like never before. Some experts predict this to be the first generation in which the children will have shorter life spans than the parents.

While this news is alarming, there is much parents can do to prevent and reverse this epidemic of obesity and illness among children. Many of the health problems affecting children stem from lifestyle and environment. Here are a few ways parents can be proactive and put a stop to the ill health of children.

Limit Sugar and Processed Foods

Diet is a key factor in disease development. While sugar is obviously present in cookies and candy, many parents do not realize that it is often the major ingredient in cereals, salad dressings and condiments. Some countries have banned artificial flavors and colors altogether due to their negative effects on childhood behavior and brain health.

Encourage Active Play

While processed foods are taking over the average child’s diet, sedentary activities such as television and video games are forming the child’s entertainment habits. However, parents would do well to encourage their active play as much as as possible. Figure out what activities interest your children and enroll them in formal classes.

Maintain a Consistent Routine

Parents must also maintain careful balance to keep stress levels down. A predictable schedule reduces the amount of stress on his developing immune system. While experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep for adults, growing children need more. School age children still need around ten hours each night. Parents seeking healthy children should enforce a consistent bedtime through the week.

Evaluate their Health Yearly checkups with a natural health or Family Doctor in Winter Haven or your personal locality is essential to a child’s health. These professionals recognize potential problems early and can track growth effectively.

Shower Them with Love

Most parents love their children, but healthy relationships foster general health. Children who feel loved and secure fare better in school and later in life. Giving them attention and a healthy environment with plenty of affection is a wonderful recipe for healthy children.

The power is in the hands of the parent to reverse the modern epidemics affecting children. Introducing them to a healthy lifestyle from the moment of birth is the greatest gift parents can give.

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