Four Simple Health Inventions That Have Had a Huge Impact on Health World

The health care industry would not be as successful as it is today without the modern inventions. New inventions are constantly being developed to make things easier on both health care providers and patients. Below are some of the innovations that have changed the health care industry for the better:

The IV:

IV is short for intravenous therapy. It is one of the most useful tools in the medical field today. Intravenous therapy delivers nutrients, fluids and medications to people who cannot take them by mouth. Many people would die without an IV. The first IV solution was used in 1832 during the cholera outbreak.


An antiseptic is a substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs. The purpose of using an antiseptic is the minimize the chances of an infection. Before antiseptic was invented, many patients in hospitals would die due to an infection. Thanks to antiseptic, germ-related illness and deaths have greatly been reduced.


A syringe is a pump that is made up of a plunger that if fitted tightly into the tube. It can expel or take in gases and liquids. In the medical world, syringes are used to efficiently and quickly insert medicine into the body. There are two main types of syringes, intravenous and subcutaneous. Intravenous syringes insert the medication in the vein. The medication enters the bloodstream after it is injected into the body.

Subcutaneous syringes deposit the medication underneath the skin, layer of fat or muscle. Additionally, dentists can use irrigation syringes to water the gums during dental surgery. The liquids in a syringe are measured in millimeters, which are sometimes referred to as “CCs.” A luer lock is used to keep the fluid from leaking out of the syringe.


The stethoscope is one of the most simple, but widely-used instruments in the medical field today. It is used to listen to heart, lungs and other bodily sounds. The stethoscope was invented in 1816 by a French doctor named Rene Laennec. Nearly 2,000 years later, health care professionals are still using the stethoscope as one of their primary diagnostic tools. Today, there are many different types of stethoscopes, including acoustic, electronic, fetal and Doppler.

Medical inventions have not only made things easier for patients and health care providers, but they have also saved lives. The stethoscope, syringe, IV and antiseptic are some of the simple inventions that have transformed the health world.

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