Five Ways to Avoid Stress

Stress effects more and more people very day on mental and physical level. That is something we have to deal with. If you don’t know how – we know and can help! Beat stress, before it beats you!

  • Good Sleep:

Even children know that the more you sleep, the healthy and relaxed you are. Sleep is natural process that can’t be interrupted or rescheduled. If we don’t sleep long enough, we damage our cognitive functions, which lead bad brain activity, thoughtlessness and a lack of vigor or vitality. Do you need this I don’t think so. Try to sleep more, to bother less. Don’t spend late nights writing custom narrative essay or a job report – your health is more important.

  • Healthy Lifestyle:

Another good tip is change of lifestyle. I don’t mean complete and huge change, like to relocating. What I mean is refocus your attention on good things in life; walk longer, smile more often, treat yourself with little cake or ice-cream. Remember how as a child there was no limit to your happiness , if you got candy or caught favorite swing? Wake up child inside of you and start to enjoy life again!

  • Animal Therapy:

Have you ever thought of animals as “medicine”, certain type of therapy treatment? Think about it right now. Good therapy animals come in any size, sex, breed or mix of breeds. The animal’s ability to calmly accept unusual or new circumstances is one of many keys to a good therapy animal. Not every animal will like doing this activity. Animals should not be forced to do an activity they dislike, so if you have attention of dolphin (however it’s a mammal), sheep or dog, it definitely likes you. One touch, one sound one look of animal improves mood. That is why kids love to visit zoos and it’s obvious that children know how to stay positive.

Isn’t it amazing how animals and people understand each other, without pronouncing words? People have a lot to learn from animals – how to be protect, how to love and care, how to be grateful for existence, even how to be a human!

  • Music Therapy:

There is scientific research to back up the idea that music has healing properties. no secret that music includes positively on mood, so why don’t you use it for good? Music is like a magic – it may calm you down or to get you excited; it may to way away your sorrows or to give you the reason to be happy!

Music has anti-anxiety properties; also when you hear the music you like, one feels dopamine rush.

Music can also help with the development of language skills, and the identification and expression of emotions. Singing with someone when you feel anxious, or expressing emotions through songwriting, are more than just casual activities in music therapy. It is worth to try! Music therapy is defined broadly as the use of music in the treatment of people of all ages who have problems of a mental, physical, and  or emotional nature. Shake the stress away, sing , dance, express yourself and you will forget what the stress is.

  • Color Therapy:

Color is one of the languages ​​of the soul, just look at inspired or meditative paintings. They influence our mood and emotions. They have their impact on our sense of well-being or un-easiness. Using and avoiding certain colors is a way of self-expression; it sheds light on our personality. It must be said that not all colors mean the same to all persons and all cultures. They influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies. Colors tell something about biological attraction and sexual availability.

If you want to cheer up, wear something bright and unusual; cook interesting and colorful meal or mix colored drink. Make your life brighter in literally and figuratively!

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