Five Ways a Dentist is Your Best Friend

A dog is a man’s best friend, as the saying goes, and when it comes to your health, Fido is definitely an ally. Pet owners have been shown to have lower blood pressure than people who don’t own pets. But if health and well-being are your concern, you may want to move your dentist to the top of your list of best friends.

A Best Friend Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Your dentist makes a great wing man (or woman). Nothing gives you the confidence to flirt like the bright, healthy smile and fresh breath that regular dental visits can provide. After a visit to her family dentist, Little Rock, Ark. native Aubrey Sheldon says she feels like a million bucks. “I always feel super confidant when my teeth are all white and clean after my appointment.”

A Best Friend Helps You Feel Stable

You know that when you need your dentist, he or she will be there, but that’s not the type of stability we’re talking about. Gum infections have been shown to make it more difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar. Having healthy gums can help your blood sugar levels stay stable.

A Best Friend Cares About Your Heart

Your dentist may not hold your hand through a rough break-up, but regular visits to the dentist can protect your heart. One study has shown that 85% of heart attack sufferers also have gum disease. A healthy smile means a better chance of a healthy heart.

A Best Friend Makes You Stronger

Studies have shown that people with close social connections get sick less often than those without close friends. Stronger immunity is also something your dentist can provide, since it is a result of having healthy teeth and gums. People with gum disease have a higher susceptibility to infection overall.

A Best Friend Shares in Memories of Good Times

Sitting around and reminiscing about your past adventures is something old friends love to do. Your dentist lends a helping hand here as well, because studies have shown that elderly people with tooth loss have an increased risk of dementia. Proper attention to the care of your teeth and gums can help preserve your fond memories for a long, long time.

While you may not feel like you bond much with your dentist while you are opening up to say, “Ah,” in light of all the ways he or she can benefit your health, a dentist really is your best friend.

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