Five Things You Need To Know About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy uses a wide range of equipment and activities to help to restore proper function to muscles, bones, and joints. Even if you have engaged in physical therapy, you may not understand all the components that go into the process of analyzing injuries and designing exercise to aid recovery. Consider these five concepts that reveal more about physical therapy than meets the eye.

Many Physical Therapists Hold Advanced Degrees:

Physical therapists must understand the fundamental structures of the body and how they work to produce movement effectively and painlessly. Many physical therapists hold master’s degrees or doctorates and have a profound understanding of how the body works and the best methods to use to increase function. At Clovis Urgent Care sports injuries get immediate treatment, and patients are referred to physical therapists in the area.

Physical Therapists Work As Part of a Team:

Physical therapists are actively involved in consultation with other health professionals to provide the best rehabilitative care for patients. They all work together to design a coordinated plan to achieve recovery goals and frequently consult to solve problems they may encounter in the care of each patient.

Physical Therapy Doesn’t Have to Be Painful:

The “no pain-no gain” theory may not apply to your physical therapy treatment. Pain is generally a sign that body tissues are under stress. Your physical therapist has the training and experience to know exactly how far to push exercises for various conditions. Sometimes, pain medication is necessary during or after physical therapy to enable proper range-of-motion and flexibility that is necessary to achieve full function.

Physical Therapy “Massage” Is Different:

Physical therapy often includes massage, but it is unlike the type of massage you might get at a spa. Physical therapists receive intensive training in anatomy and body mechanics. They engage in a more site-specific and injury-specific massage of the affected area. Their goal is not overall relaxation. Instead, they work to increase circulation to areas that are in the process of healing.

Home Exercises Are Important To Your Progress:

The time spent doing exercises at home is as important as that spent at the facility. Ensure that you spend the full amount of time doing the home exercises that the therapist recommends. This diligence will help to restore you to full function so that you can resume your normal activities.

Physical therapy can be a critical component in your recovery and can help to hasten your return to work and home activities. Your physical therapist can not only help you with exercises, but also keep you enthusiastically involved in your recovery process.

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