Five Reasons You Need To Get More Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our very existence. Unfortunately, millions of people do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. Partying until the wee hours of the morning, or working excessive hours is never a good idea when comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Here are five reasons that you need more sleep.

Faster Reaction Time

Whether you are driving a car, or playing a game of basketball, a lack of sleep will surely decrease your reaction time. In severe cases of sleep deprivation, the response time will mimic that of an intoxicated person. Although everyone’s body is different, aiming for a goal of eight hours of sleep each night is a good rule of thumb.

Enhanced Mood

Unsurprisingly, people that have not had an adequate amount of sleep tend to be moody. This cranky attitude can have a negative effect on the person’s relationship with others, including their coworkers and family. If this sleepless condition continues to persist, the person could eventually go into a stint of deep depression.

Better Weight Control

Numerous studies have proven that the amount of sleep has a direct impact on a person’s weight. Even if you work out consistently, a lack of sleep could offset your progress. Not getting enough sleep causes your body to release stress hormones, thus increasing the likelihood of retaining fat deposits. If you are having trouble relaxing, an ergonomic pillow will help to promote a comfortable resting environment.

More Energy

Like gas fuels a vehicle, sleep effectively recharges our bodies at night. People that get the proper amount of rest are usually more energized and refreshed for the upcoming day. People that are lethargic and unmotivated may actually be suffering from sleep deprivation. Adequate sleep will also reduce a person’s dependence on caffeine to get through the work day.

Prevents Illness

When it comes to being healthy, sleep should definitely be near the top of the priority list. People that get an insufficient amount of sleep are much more susceptible to serious health illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Getting the proper amount of sleep also helps to ward off sicknesses such as the flu virus. If you do have the flu or a nasty cold, sleeping is the quickest way to get your body better. Furthermore, adjustable beds in Chicago can allow you to sleep with your head elevated so you can breathe despite your cold.

Even if you live a very busy life, do not forget to set aside enough time to get ample sleep. Getting the optimum amount of sleep will help you to stay healthy and invigorated on a daily basis.

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