Constant Bad Breath? 5 Causes of Halitosis and How to Get Rid of It for Good

Bad breath known medically as halitosis is socially embarrassing to say the least. However, it also can be a sign of more serious health issues developing within the body. If you are constantly battling bad breath, here are five of the leading causes of bad breath and a few ways to help end the offensive odor for good.

Poor Oral Hygiene:

Food particles invariably become stuck in one’s teeth during each meal, and those particles help grow the bacteria that causes bad breath. This problem is further exacerbated when one wears dentures or braces. The key to fresher smelling breath in this case is the removal of the food particles and odor causing bacteria from the mouth. This is done through a consistent routine of brushing teeth, tongue and the inside of one’s mouth as well as flossing one’s teeth. Incorporating bi-annual visits to the dentist for professional cleaning ensures that teeth get a more thorough cleaning before serious damage occurs because of bacteria and plaque build up.

Consistently Eating the Wrong Types of Foods:

Certain foods like dairy, sugary processed foods and proteins feed the odor causing bacteria in one’s mouth more than other foods. A way to combat this cause of bad breath is by making a few small changes to one’s diet and continue practicing good oral hygiene. One dietary change is the introduction of good bacteria into one’s diet that changes the entire microbial environment of one’s mouth. Some medical research scientists advocate using a pro-biotic containing Streptococcus salivarius K12 to combat halitosis.

Dry Mouth:

Saliva does more than break down foods for digestion; it also helps wash away odor causing bacteria from the mouth. According to dental professionals of the Forest Lawn Dental Centre, bad breath related to dry mouth happens specifically when you take certain medications or consume mouth-drying beverages like alcohol or coffee. At the Forest Lawn Dental clinic, they suggest that their patients with dry mouths drink more water in place of or in addition to the above mentioned items because it can help sweeten up bad breath caused by dry mouth. Spiking your drinking water with lemon is yet another way to eliminate odor causing bacteria in the mouth while assisting the body’s natural internal detoxification functions.

Infections and Other Health Issues:

More serious causes of bad breath are tooth decay, gum disease, bronchial infections and even kidney disease. If you consistently have halitosis even after practicing hygiene and consuming a better diet, it may be time to get professional help from an alternative health professional. They help patients diagnose health issues and recommend protocols to solve health problems naturally. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and still suffer from halitosis, consult with a healthcare professional to get advice about what the cause might be.

Using Tobacco Products:

Tobacco products dry the mouth and are known to cause certain oral cancers that produce bad breath and more serious consequences. Eliminating the use of these products is a wise move for fresher breath and one’s general health.

Some may think that having bad breath is beyond their control, however there are plenty of remedies that will improve your overall oral health and get rid of your bad breath. For those with chronic halitosis, chewing a piece of mint gum every once in a while likely won’t do much to help get rid of bad breath for good. Experiment with these different methods and alter your habits if necessary to get control over your breath. As mentioned, if these remedies don’t do anything to help, it may be time to enlist the help of healthcare professionals.

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