Clean Cans Carefully Before Utilization: Dubai Municipality

CLEAN CAN Before Use

Dubai: Officials warns people to take safety measures against the deadly Leptospirosis virus.

Dubai Municipality has showed some serious concerns for residents to clean their cans before drinking from them as there has been cases around the world where some people have expired because of Leptospirosis, a fatal bacterial disease after drinking straightly from cans.

Rodents, raccoons, cows, goats are regular bearers of a microscopic organisms called Leptospira. When people come into contact with water contaminated by liquids of spoiled creatures or urine, they get infected by the virus which results to death.

Basheer Hassan Yousuf, food safety expert at Dubai Municipality’s Food Control Department, told the reporters that there are no such cases at the moment in Dubai but people need to be careful and must take safety precautions before using any of the cans. He suggested, it is good to clean the can from running water. If somebody does not have access to water promptly, they can wipe it with a tissue or any dry clean material.

In the meantime Dubai Municipality is making sure to check all the cans coming in the city before reaching to the groceries to avoid any accidents.

Necessary measures before drinking from cans:

  • Check for any stains on a can before drinking straightforwardly from it.
  • Comprehensively wash the can with water incorporating the gaps on the highest point of the can. 
  • If you don’t have access to the water, you can wipe the can with a tissue or a dry clean fabric.
  • It is better to purchase sealed cans with plastic covering.

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