Best Water Exercises for a Healthy Body

Experts have time and again insisted that water exercises can help people in maintaining good health as these exercises can burn a lot of calories. Even a vigorous treading in water for about a minute can burn as much as 11 calories that may be equivalent to a run covering six miles in an hour.  You can have such an excellent effect from water exercises because water affords continuous resistance with its large amount of motion. You may have to engage more number of your muscle fibers for doing these exercises. If you choose to do these exercises in water bodies like Hydro-pool hot tubs, the effect will be much more.

Some Water Exercises:

* Body weight-Prisoner Squats are one of the best water exercises. They are easy to perform because the water in the pool may force you up. So, you may not feel the stress in your joints. You should repeat them as many times as possible for about half-a-minute. You can then rest for a while and then, repeat the exercise. You can gradually increase the duration to 45 seconds and then to 1 minute. It is not necessary that you should do this exercise daily. Even if you do this once in two days, it can help you to have a healthy body.

* Once you gain confidence and are certain of your capabilities, you can try doing single-leg squats. The sides of the pool will help you to lean up for doing this exercise. You must bring one of your feet to the front and then, squat down. While squatting, you should grab the extended foot with your hand. This exercise will help you to gain a better balance so that you can try more difficult exercises at a later date.

* Experts recommend pull-ups also in pools including water bodies like Hydro-pool hot tubs. A synergy can be created between this exercise and modified dips. For doing this integrated exercise, it is better you move to the sides of your pool. You must extend your hands and put them on the ground and then, try to push your body up. You must then go down. By repeating this exercise as many times as possible, you can derive good health benefits.

The best advantage of these water exercises is that they are not difficult to perform. But, they are highly effective. Apart from burning your calories and keeping you healthy, you may have a relaxed feeling if you do these exercises in pools or water bodies like Hydro-pool hot tubs. Unlike exercises that are done out of water, there are no chances of hurting the knees because you will not be doing them on hard surfaces.

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