Best 5 Health Tips For Staying On Track Over The Holidays

It’s difficult to maintain a regular routine when you’re on a holiday. For most people, road trips and vacations are synonymous with abandoning low-calorie diets and weight gain. Nevertheless, advance planning can successfully prevent post-holiday pot bellies and unwanted calories without ruining the thrill of vacations. Here are a few smart tips for folks, who wish to stay fit while travelling.

1) Pack Smartly:

  • If you’re heading out to a beach, meadow or an island, you must carry skipping ropes, Frisbees and exercise DVDs with you. Upload workout-friendly songs on your MP3 players or iPod and get ready to groove to the beats of a high-energy song every morning.
  • Buy tubes, med-balls or resistance bands from TJ Maxx, Walmart or Target stores. These accessories are compact, portable, affordable and versatile. You can use them to practice both upper body as well as lower body exercises.
  • You must dress appropriately for your fitness schedule. Tuck yoga pants, cotton shirts, sweat-absorbent tank tops, comfortable shorts and a pair of sports shoes in your bag. If you wear uncomfortable shoes or constricting clothes while exercising, you’ll probably get irritated and give up soon.
  • Remember to pack first-aid boxes for any unforeseen emergencies.

2) Plan Ahead For Your Workout:

  • You should search for companies that offer family-fitness holiday packages. Such packages include spa facilities and access to local health clubs.
  • If you’ve decided a particular destination for your holiday, make sure that you look for hotels that have fitness centres and spas within their premises. Several health-resorts include a secluded workout area that has stationary bikes, treadmills and weight machines for clients. You can make reservations in such hotels.
  • Planning to hire a cab for road trips? Book faraway spots to park your vehicles so that you can walk up to the parking area.

3) Sweat Yourself Out:

Try to keep up with your regular exercise regimen. It will help you maintain a steady weight. Thus, you can manage holiday stress in a better way.

  • For those who’re venturing out into the mountains, must search for walking trails. If you can’t seem to find any routes, you can choose to walk or ride a bicycle while exploring tourist attractions.
  • Visit beaches, ice hockey arenas, swimming pools or stadiums that let you participate in outdoor activities. You can take part in adventurous sports or water activities too!
  • Each little step counts when it comes to maintaining weight. Walk up to the main road, run down the stairs and jump ropes. Whenever you have a few minutes to spare, just pop in your DVDs and start exercising.
  • Get creative! Practice squats by holding onto coffee tables and use water bottles as dumbbells.

4) Focus On Eating A Healthy Diet:

  • Avoid alcohol and junk foods. Instead of having sweets and fast food, order salad, dairy products, sea food, lentils and lean meats.
  • Take plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Rather than drinking soft-drinks or cappuccino, opt for sodas, lemon water, fresh fruit juices, black coffee and soups.
  • Are you looking forward to family buffets? Remember to eat small portions of different items to experience the taste of all scrumptious entrees on the menu.
  • Look out for unpleasant aromas and rancid tastes to avoid any unfortunate cases of food poisoning.

5) Additional Precautions:

  • Keep your insurance papers and health cards ready.
  • Note the contact information of nearby hospitals and clinics. You’ll need it if you catch seasonal flu or allergy.

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