Mind Benders: Exercises for Improving Cognitive Behavior

Just as you exercise your physical body to ward off disease and pain, so too is it smart to exercise your mind to improve your mood and your mental function (technically termed “cognitive behavior”). As a bonus, some popular fitness activities can accomplish both tasks simultaneously. This article will teach you some useful mind benders to help you improve both your mind and your body’s health.

Mind Bender 1: Visualization

Scientists are just now starting to realize how powerful visualization can be for both mental and physical performance. Now called “mental rehearsal”, many top athletes, musicians, doctors, and other specialists rehearse their performance mentally just as rigorously as they do by practicing the actual physical step-by-step processes. Guang Yu at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio even found that people gained muscle mass just by visualizing going to the gym!

Mind Bender 2: Affirmation

Affirmation is a second mind bender that can improve mental and physical health at the same time. Affirmation, often referred to as “positive self talk”, involves monitoring your internal mental chatter to make sure you are supporting yourself fully in your efforts. Whether your affirmation is to swim a mile in a certain time, or to win that job promotion, affirmation keeps your mind sharp and focused on achieving your goals.

Mind Bender 3: Meditation (Mental Focus)

While meditation is a term most closely associated with Eastern philosophy, the true definition of meditation encompasses anything you do that involves focus. Meditation, therefore, is a mind bender that gives you the chance to consciously strengthen your mental focus. You might meditate initially to feel more inner calm, but the by-product of that calm is the ability to choose what your mind focuses on, and thinks about. Through regular practice of meditation, you learn to control your mind (rather than feeling like it is the other way around). Mental focus can also be used to help you with physical efforts, whether you’re at a local Miami chiropractor, or the dentist, you can use your focus to help you achieve the results you want.

Mind Bender 4: Swimming

Swimming as a fitness activity all about coordination. For optimal performance it is necessary to coordinate both mind and body. Top athletes in any sport speak to the power of visualization, affirmation, and meditation for achieving peak performance. Whether you take swimming lessons at SwimJim.com, or another Houston, TX location if you live in USA, your instructor will teach you how to coordinate mind with body to perform at your best.

With these four helpful mind benders, you will be on your way to improved cognitive behavior in no time!

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