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Go The Extra Mile: Five No-Bull Diet Musts Anyone Can Follow

Dieting is never enjoyable. A diet always means depriving yourself of certain foods, the amount of those foods, and sometimes how often you get to eat any food at all. To make a diet as easy to stick with as possible, it is important to have five dieting “musts” that form the backbone of your plan.

Drink Water, A Lot of Water

Drinking water is one of the most important things we can do, whether we’re dieting or not. Water helps to flush toxins from our bodies and helps our stomachs to feel fuller on less food.

It is very difficult to drink too much water, so keep a jug with you and drink as much as you are able to do so comfortably. Thirst also occasionally masquerades as hunger, so if you’re hungry, drink water first, wait a few minutes and then see if you’re still hungry.

Stick To Foods ...

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How to Lose Weight by Eating Well and Exercising

The idea is simple, the process…not so much. Weight loss demands things that are hard to give up. It requires not just surrendering certain foods but also comfort and time. However, there are many ways to help you fight this battle and begin to even want it for yourself. First let’s go over the foods that you should stay away from at all costs:

  • Processed foods.
  • Sweet drinks (tea, soda, flavored coffee, juices).
  • Excess carbohydrates.
  • Sweets and Pastries (desserts and candy).

These are the foods you should not eat, now let’s focus on a few smart ways of eating. When approaching a meal, start with the veggies or fruit first. Studies show that you eat most of what you start with. Begin with vegetables then protein and in the end, carbohydrates.

Sandwiches: If you are going to eat a sa...

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Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

There would appear to be an increasing number of people seeking to lose weight, whether that is because they have become concerned at the health risks associated with being overweight or have just had a baby and want to get their figure back. Whatever the reason, good workout routines are now essential to getting the most out of your exercise regime.

Reducing your weight can often best be achieved by a combination of healthy eating and exercise, but how do you go about the latter? Many people just take to the streets and jog before going to work or when they return home from a hard day in the office.

However, an increasing number of people are joining a gym or creating a home gym...

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Cellulite and It’s Treatments

Cellulite is a collection of fat that pushes the connective tissue beneath the skin which causes the changes in appearance of the skin. Cellulite is much more common in women than men because of differences in the way fat, muscle and connective tissue is distributed under the skin.

There are two types of cellulite:

  • Soft Cellulite
  • Hard cellulite

The hard or solid forms of cellulite typically occurs in women who are active like dances or runners. Soft cellulite is much more visible than the hard cellulite. This type occurs in large areas and doesn’t attach very much to muscles which make it looser and easier to remove it.

In FCBS, we have treatments for cellulite:

  • Anti-Cellulite Manual Massage:

There is different techniques used in the massage that will help in stimulates the sensory n...

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Weight Loss Best Practices

Weight Loss Best Practices

Day by day as the life style grooming, new taste as well as new foods becoming popular.

It’s actually leading everyone towards the weight loss issue with new openings of Weight Loss Centers. Services like Tummy Reduction & Loose fats only are popular in male & female. It’s a good thing that you can join one of the best available weight loss pregame which suits you & your body with cost effective as well as you already studied each and every thing about this particular program.

Always ask for customize program for your-self because every weight loss treatment is not suitable for every body types. Digital Body Analysis before and after weight starting weight loss program & record your diet as well...

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Result Oriented Weight Loss Tip

Result Oriented Weight Loss Tip

You cannot imagine that there was one girl who hit the 260 pounds weight in her early age. She knows that she needs to control her emotional eating habit but she don’t know how?

She started little exercising with full sleep & putting her daily diet into words. She kept daily food record for 5 years & did not stop. Surprisingly she lost 130 pounds of weight within couple of month’s time.

I suggest you to try this tip for few days to start with and for better results you can write everything that passes your lips. You can also use mobile apps rather than using diary like iPhone or android apps to manage and keep record of your diet easily.

The signs for record keeping are very strong and as many studies reveal that the people who kept the food journal are able to lose the double weight vs...

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Affordable & Effective Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Affordable & Effective Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Losing weight is really difficult these days. Here in Dubai, people mostly consume junk food which results in gaining weight. It is important you have an effective diet plan if you really want to lose weight. Below are some of the tips for weight loss:

  • Fresh Foods & Vegetables: 

Try to buy seasonal raw vegetables & fruits and clean & prepare at home which is more healthy & cost effective.

  • Meat & Poultry

Buy full chicken or big piece of meat rather than small ones which is more healthy and affordable too.

  • Wheat

Add dry beans to the recipe which are very important for healthy life style.

  • Frozen Blue Berry

Best food for health & due to frozen, you can use it conveniently.

Keep going with the plan and contact us for knowing more details on weight loss programs. Good luck.

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Eating Sensibly is Important for Losing Weight

Eating Sensibly is Important for Losing Weight

Stop fearing hunger and start eating sensibly and timely if you really want to lose weight. The point here is to clean up your diet and eat more sensibly. You will feel the real between “Fake hunger” and “Real hunger”.

We are not asking you to fast or abstain from eating for a specific length of time but when you get hungry, feel it. Take note. Experience it. Don’t just shove the quickest thing you can find into your mouth like it’s some kind of emergency.

This may not go over well but we would like you to feel hunger before you eat. We don’t always do it. We think we all instinctively fear hunger but for most of us our next meal isn’t a mystery. Next time your stomach growls, take a deep breath and remind yourself that it’s not an emergency...

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How to Run More Efficiently for Losing Weight

How to Run More Efficiently (Weight Loss)

Here we are going to tell you how can you lose weight effectively by running more efficiently.

(Running is Falling as posing in the image)

Keep shoulder & hips in line.
Pretend you are holding a cell phone between your thumbs & index finger.
Let gravity pull your foot back down to the ground.

Land on either the ball of the foot or mid foot not on the heel. The heel should kiss the ground with each step. To know more details on weight loss, Click here to contact us.

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Instructions to Enhance Your Mental Stamina

Instructions to Enhance Your Mental Stamina

Stamina is the physical and mental capability of an individual to remain animated for a longer time interval. Physical stamina or continuance is enhanced and expanded by vigorous and anaerobic practice that builds the body’s ability to utilize oxygen and starches. Mental stamina is about your capability to keep tabs on a movement for long periods and is connected with ideas like cause and self control. Below are the tips for how you can improve your mental stamina.

1. Positive Thinking

With the assumption that you have the expectancy in your particular capabilities, you can achieve generally anything you set your mind on. Obviously, you have heard this frequently however think about it – why is this conviction still around on the grounds? Just because it’s accurate...

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