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Put a Stop to Premature Aging

Your skin can make you appear younger or older than you really are. Wrinkles, age spots and dryness can make you to look old, while healthy, smooth and supple skin can make you appear youthful and vibrant. Many skin problems are genetic, however many aging problems can be delayed or prevented by taking proper care of your skin when you are still young. Here are some tips to help you put a stop to premature aging.

Follow a Healthful Diet:

A healthful diet can help prevent premature aging as well as delay the appearance of aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. Eating a diet that is rich in proteins and vitamins is important for a healthy and clear skin. Drinking sufficient quantities of water will help to prevent drying of skin, which is believed to be the major cause of wrinkles...

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How To Find the Best Products For Any Hair Style

When it comes to your hair, choosing the right products makes all the difference in the world. Every hair type and style is unique and should be treated as such. There are so many products on the market that many women get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. Rest assured, there is a hair product out there that fits your hair perfectly. Now, you just have to find that product. The following tips will help you on your search.

Ask Your Stylist:

Believe it or not, many women neglect asking their stylists about which products they should use. Stylists have used the products themselves so they know which ones will work best for your hair type...

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Habits – How to Look and Feel Younger


Every woman’s dream is to look younger for the rest of the days. It is true that age will someday age will catch up with us. However you can control your looks as you continue growing old. Your age is obviously not written on your forehead but people will tend to guess it by your looks. Daily anti-aging skin care habits are very necessary for every female. Below are tips and tricks on how to look and feel younger each passing day.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits:

Eating is a daily routine for all human beings. You are a reflection of what you eat. The human skin is very delicate and as such react with many substances. The skin actually gets nourishment from what we consume on a daily basis. Ensure you get enough doses vitamins (A, C and E), polyphenols, beta-carotene and zinc.

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Get Gorgeous: Foods That Cure Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common problem, especially in those winter months. While you may think that your best solution is to use a heavy duty moisturizer, you’re actually overlooking an important part of maintaining smooth, hydrated skin. Skin health starts from the inside out so if you’re not focusing on your diet, then you’re not going to see all the benefits possible Start by making these changes to your diet and get noticeable skin improvements in just a few weeks.

1. Essential Fatty Acids:

Dry skin usually means that you don’t have enough essential fatty acids to protect the skin’s lipid layer, so make sure that you’re eating and cooking with the right fats. This is an easy change to make to your diet...

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Anti Ageing Treatment

An intense anti-ageing treatment that addresses the first signs of ageing and protects against the damaging effects of time. Youthfulness nectar stimulates cell metabolism and protects against oxidation stress. Skin is re-energized and ageing delayed.

Our illuminating concentrate regenerates and firms skin cells, brightening and evening your skin tone.

This anti-ageing faces and eye treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin, whilst helping to reduce dark circles. Moisture levels of the skin are proven to increase by up to 61% and elasticity by 40% after just 1 treatment. Specialized micro-circulatory massage techniques are combined with powerful formulations and the two-phase Amino Active Mask to help smooth, sculpt and restore skin radiance.

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6 Easy and Cost Effective Steps to Avoid as well as Improve the Puffy Eyes

How You Can Deflate Your Puffy Eyes

Here we are going to share a video from which you can know how to deflate your puffy eyes fast. This is amazing and We are sure you will find it helpful.

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Worst Things You Do to Your Hair

Worst Things You Do to Your Hair

Following are the worst things you do to your hair. Avoid using these practices for healthy hair.

Using old styling tools like old brushes.

Skipping heat protectant.

Roughly handling wet hair.

Slathering on too many products.

Keeping the same shampoo for changing hair.

Going too long between haircuts.

Brushing from the roots down.

Using rough elastic. Try to use elasticwhich have fabric.

Avoid  experiment on hair with too many chemicals.

Setting the heat too high.

If you are living in Dubai, visit our beauty salon for getting variety of services. Click here for booking.

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How To Improve Your Appearance

How To Improve Your Appearnace

Our lives are filled with work, stress. So where is the time to take care of appearance?

FCBS understand this,

1) Try to use Anti-aging Products.

Some of these ant-aging and eye creams are best applied at night because they contain active ingredients that do not gel well with sunlight in the morning. Use products which contain Retinol as it helps in reducing fine lines & wrinkles from the skin and off course use night-time moisturizer before applying eye creams.

2) Grooming and Plucking.

You can opt out unwanted hair from your face before hitting the sack. Grooming your eyebrows and removing ear and nose hair are best tackled at night. Your face looks like without any awkward red spots.

3) Cleansing and Toning.

Use mild face wash which contains salicylic acid that will help to remove the d...

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Metrosexual Grooming – A Trend in the Modern Dubai Lifestyle

Metrosexual Grooming

Spa and grooming treatments often come with the stigma of being girly or not for men. These days in Dubai however there is a wide range of treatments are available for men.

Taking pride in your appearance is vital. The trend these days are lavish lounges and Spas designed for men. The lounges offering shaves to waxing to haircuts, manicures, massages and facials. All set in masculine and sophisticated surroundings with added luxury like plasma and private libraries.

FCBS beauty and slimming center is one of those DHA certified center offering body slimming, beauty and massage treatments for men.  There are also lots of great deals available.

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