11 At-Home Skin Whitening Remedies To Achieve Perfect Skin Tone

Some people believe that it is difficult to get a light colored skin if you naturally have a darker skin tone. When it’s not totally vague, you have ways to make skin tone a bit lighter. We’ll tell you 12 whitening remedies, easily prepared at home to achieve perfect skin tone.

When you think you are serious about getting a comparatively lighter skin tone, try to stay away from the direct exposure to the sun. It’s basic and should be followed before you start any other treatment process. Excess exposure to the sun rays can give you blemishes or sun spots on the skin and can even make the skin tone darker. If you restrict sun exposure, you’ll be able to make a difference faster.

  • If you’ve already have a sun burnt or a damaged skin, try to make a face mask with cucumber, tea and lemon at home to get some relief. Cucumber has properties that can hydrate, smooth and soften your skin. Apart from that, cucumber is rich source for potassium, calcium and vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for the skin and can heal many poor skin conditions.
  • Many people have really seen great results using a mixture of these three ingredients. Use glycolic acids, retinal and salicylic acid to get rid of skin discoloration problem.
  • It’s also important that you exfoliate your skin occasionally. Skin exfoliation can be done at home. You can prepare a remedy right at your home. For example, a scrub of lemon juice and sugar can be good for helping your skin get rid of the dead skin. If there is excess build up of dead skin, it can give a darker or fade skin color. This is why we recommend exfoliating the skin once a week.
  • Lemon has a natural bleaching agent. So it can lighten the skin discoloration problem. You can use a cotton ball to dip in a little lemon juice and apply on the pigmentation. Don’t apply lemon juice directly on the pigmentation as it can burn the skin. Pure lemon juice is too strong for the skin.
  • Tea tree facial cleansers are amazing for reducing the skin darkening problems . If you think your skin has suddenly become a bit dry, lacks the natural moisture and is getting darker, you can use this to lighten the skin complexion.
  • You can make a recipe with three ingredients. Apple cider vinegar and Greek yogurt are really good for making the skin complexion a bit lighter. Use apple cider vinegar and water as 1:4 ratio. Use this mixture to moisturize your skin and then go to bed. It will bring a really good change in a night only.
  • You can mix an egg white and almost two tablespoons of Greek yogurt. Mix the two until they take a paste form. Apply on the skin. Leave for about 20 minutes. This is another excellent natural skin lightening remedy.
  • You can also make a paste of dried orange peel and yogurt. You can peel the orange beforehand and lock in a box. You can let it get dry in the sun. Then you can make the paste later and apply on the skin. You need to let it settle for about 20 minutes. After that you can wash your face to see a fresh, lighter skin complexion.

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