How To Improve Your Appearance

How To Improve Your Appearnace

Our lives are filled with work, stress. So where is the time to take care of appearance?

FCBS understand this,

1) Try to use Anti-aging Products.

Some of these ant-aging and eye creams are best applied at night because they contain active ingredients that do not gel well with sunlight in the morning. Use products which contain Retinol as it helps in reducing fine lines & wrinkles from the skin and off course use night-time moisturizer before applying eye creams.

2) Grooming and Plucking.

You can opt out unwanted hair from your face before hitting the sack. Grooming your eyebrows and removing ear and nose hair are best tackled at night. Your face looks like without any awkward red spots.

3) Cleansing and Toning.

Use mild face wash which contains salicylic acid that will help to remove the dirt and oil from the face skin. Also try a toner after cleansing your face as it sharpen the process of restoring the skin balance and will also prevent breakouts.

4) Effective Muscles Stretching.

Gentle stretching exercises before sleeping will help you relax & elongate ur muscles. Result of this step will give; you’ll appear leaner and toned in a couple of days. If you don’t have time for a morning job, then this can be a probable alternate. As it also helps you to sleep better & get up in morning refreshed and active.

Put some time in these quick steps for a better you every day. After all, being presentable at all the times is the key to success!

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