Four Tips for an Amazingly Close Shave

Nobody likes to rub up against a face with short, sharp hairs. Women have sensitive skin, so if they notices that you’ve done a poor job of shaving your face, chances are they won’t get anywhere near you.

Getting a great shave is not always about using a certain brand of shaving cream or a razor with four blades. These four tips will help get you an amazingly close shave without a lot time in front a the mirror.

Prep the Skin:

Prepping your skin before shaving is just as important as the shaving process itself.

Massage the shaving cream into your face slowly before you use a razor. Doing this will help stimulate the erector pili, a muscle that’s located under the skin. Your hairs will then be pushed up, allowing for a more closer shave.

Before applying shaving cream, men should also heat their face up by standing in a warm room or rubbing some warm water into their skin.

Use Appropriate Razors, Accessories and Creams:

Every face is different, so you’ll need to try out a variety of creams, razors and mens shaving accessories. If the shaving cream is too strong and you start to feel a tingling sensation, switch to a gel. Shaving gels are are normally used by men with sensitive skin.

Whatever cream or gel you decide to use, make sure it smells good. Choosing a shaving cream that has a great smell is important, and you’re significant other will appreciate it.

Shave in the Shower:

Not only is shaving in the shower convenient, it can also help in your quest for a closer and cleaner shave.

Warm water is known to open your pores and massage your muscles. Similar to splashing warm water on your face before you shave over the mirror, soak your body for a few minutes in the shower before you begin to shave. Your hair will be pushed up and you’ll experience an easier shave.

Single Edge Blades May Be More Effective than Multiple Edged Razors:

There is not much need for a multiple edge razor. Often times, if you have sensitive skin, multiple edge razors will irritate your face. Regardless of the type of razor you use, the edges should be sharp at all times. Similar to using a dull knife to cut vegetables, a dull razor will do your face no good.

Develop the perfect shave with a variety of accessories in the same fashion that you would build a mobile app with mobile development tools. Test as many accessories and methods as possible and eliminate the ones that don’t work.

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