Anti-Aging Skin Care Habits – How to Look and Feel Younger


Every woman’s dream is to look younger for the rest of the days. It is true that age will someday age will catch up with us. However you can control your looks as you continue growing old. Your age is obviously not written on your forehead but people will tend to guess it by your looks. Daily anti-aging skin care habits are very necessary for every female. Below are tips and tricks on how to look and feel younger each passing day.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits:

Eating is a daily routine for all human beings. You are a reflection of what you eat. The human skin is very delicate and as such react with many substances. The skin actually gets nourishment from what we consume on a daily basis. Ensure you get enough doses vitamins (A, C and E), polyphenols, beta-carotene and zinc. Your body needs anti-oxidants that will aid in replacement of old cells and prevent your skin from having wrinkles.

Vitamin E can be easily obtained from nuts, tomatoes, vegetable oils and spinach. Eating carrots and sweet potatoes will provide you with loads of vitamin A. simply ensure that your meals do not lack fresh produce.

Exercise Daily:

A beautiful woman who does not exercise daily is actually not doing justice to her skin. Exercise will make you look fifteen years younger. In addition it makes them portray a certain youthful look. Besides exercise shapes your cheeks naturally. Exercise whether aerobic or strength training, does your skin so much good. It prevents anxiety and stress which will make you age faster.

Use Sunscreen:

Sunscreen lotions and creams should always form a part of your cosmetics. You have to be exposed to the sun in order to meet your daily needs. Unfortunately the sun is not good for your skin at all. The sun makes you have a rough tone, be dry, develop spots and worst of all wrinkles. Besides sunscreen gives your skin the moisture it needs hence preventing it from drying up. Do not take sunscreen for granted. This is due to the adverse effects of the sun’s ultra violet rays. The effects can even lead to something as serious as skin cancer.

Sleep Well:

Despite having many other adverse effects on your health, lack of sleep is detrimental to your skin as well. Frequent insomnia will make you appear very old and exhausted. It is advisable you enjoy at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

Give Cosmetic Surgery a Thought:

You have probably tried the above daily skin care tips but you still seem to be aging faster. Cosmetic surgery is not bad as long as it is safe and done by a professional. Having a facial procedure such as a face lift will make you look much younger. Cosmetic surgery effects for many of this sort of interventions such as blepharoplasty  are usually seen immediately after the procedure. However after undergoing a cosmetic surgery ensure you still maintain daily skin care habits to prevent the skin from aging again.


Growing old or looking younger as long as it takes is your choice. Just follow the mentioned simple skin care routines and you will be much better than your mates.

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