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Constant Bad Breath? 5 Causes of Halitosis and How to Get Rid of It for Good

Bad breath known medically as halitosis is socially embarrassing to say the least. However, it also can be a sign of more serious health issues developing within the body. If you are constantly battling bad breath, here are five of the leading causes of bad breath and a few ways to help end the offensive odor for good.

Poor Oral Hygiene:

Food particles invariably become stuck in one’s teeth during each meal, and those particles help grow the bacteria that causes bad breath. This problem is further exacerbated when one wears dentures or braces. The key to fresher smelling breath in this case is the removal of the food particles and odor causing bacteria from the mouth...

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5 Surprising Things That Could Be Causing Your Headaches

Headaches are a common problem, and there are different types, such as tension headaches and migraines. Well known causes of headaches include stress, exhaustion, and skipping meals, but there are a number of surprising, little-known causes that can trigger headaches.

Changes In The Weather

Some people experience headaches due to changes in barometric pressure and increased humidity. Bright sunlight may also be a trigger to some, and sudden, hot weather can cause dehydration, which is a frequent cause of headaches. If you suspect the weather contributes to your headaches, you may want to record weather conditions when you feel one coming on. However, it’s hard to completely avoid these headaches.

Neck Strain

Carrying a heavy purse or backpack may cause strain in your neck and back, leading...

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Try These 6 Awesome Foods To Nourish & Exfoliate Your Skin From Within

You probably have become an expert at exfoliating your outer skin from time to time, because you know that dropping the weight of those dead cells on the skin is for its own good. However, for a perfect cleansing and renewing of body cells and a good detoxification inside out you need to watch what you put inside your body. Certain foods could clean up your body from the inside, thereby improving digestion and flushing out toxins from the body. Have a look at 6 of those amazing nourishing foods.

Cleansing Papaya:

This amazing fruits is rich in fiber and is loaded with vitamins which have multiple benefits.  Regular consumption of papaya in adequate servings prevents the cholesterol in the body from getting oxidized and lowers the bad cholesterol content in the body...

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Four Simple Health Inventions That Have Had a Huge Impact on Health World

The health care industry would not be as successful as it is today without the modern inventions. New inventions are constantly being developed to make things easier on both health care providers and patients. Below are some of the innovations that have changed the health care industry for the better:

The IV:

IV is short for intravenous therapy. It is one of the most useful tools in the medical field today. Intravenous therapy delivers nutrients, fluids and medications to people who cannot take them by mouth. Many people would die without an IV. The first IV solution was used in 1832 during the cholera outbreak.


An antiseptic is a substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs. The purpose of using an antiseptic is the minimize the chances of an infection...

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