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Worst Things You Do to Your Hair

Worst Things You Do to Your Hair

Following are the worst things you do to your hair. Avoid using these practices for healthy hair.

Using old styling tools like old brushes.

Skipping heat protectant.

Roughly handling wet hair.

Slathering on too many products.

Keeping the same shampoo for changing hair.

Going too long between haircuts.

Brushing from the roots down.

Using rough elastic. Try to use elasticwhich have fabric.

Avoid  experiment on hair with too many chemicals.

Setting the heat too high.

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How To Improve Your Appearance

How To Improve Your Appearnace

Our lives are filled with work, stress. So where is the time to take care of appearance?

FCBS understand this,

1) Try to use Anti-aging Products.

Some of these ant-aging and eye creams are best applied at night because they contain active ingredients that do not gel well with sunlight in the morning. Use products which contain Retinol as it helps in reducing fine lines & wrinkles from the skin and off course use night-time moisturizer before applying eye creams.

2) Grooming and Plucking.

You can opt out unwanted hair from your face before hitting the sack. Grooming your eyebrows and removing ear and nose hair are best tackled at night. Your face looks like without any awkward red spots.

3) Cleansing and Toning.

Use mild face wash which contains salicylic acid that will help to remove the d...

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Eating Sensibly is Important for Losing Weight

Eating Sensibly is Important for Losing Weight

Stop fearing hunger and start eating sensibly and timely if you really want to lose weight. The point here is to clean up your diet and eat more sensibly. You will feel the real between “Fake hunger” and “Real hunger”.

We are not asking you to fast or abstain from eating for a specific length of time but when you get hungry, feel it. Take note. Experience it. Don’t just shove the quickest thing you can find into your mouth like it’s some kind of emergency.

This may not go over well but we would like you to feel hunger before you eat. We don’t always do it. We think we all instinctively fear hunger but for most of us our next meal isn’t a mystery. Next time your stomach growls, take a deep breath and remind yourself that it’s not an emergency...

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How to Run More Efficiently for Losing Weight

How to Run More Efficiently (Weight Loss)

Here we are going to tell you how can you lose weight effectively by running more efficiently.

(Running is Falling as posing in the image)

Keep shoulder & hips in line.
Pretend you are holding a cell phone between your thumbs & index finger.
Let gravity pull your foot back down to the ground.

Land on either the ball of the foot or mid foot not on the heel. The heel should kiss the ground with each step. To know more details on weight loss, Click here to contact us.

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Instructions to Enhance Your Mental Stamina

Instructions to Enhance Your Mental Stamina

Stamina is the physical and mental capability of an individual to remain animated for a longer time interval. Physical stamina or continuance is enhanced and expanded by vigorous and anaerobic practice that builds the body’s ability to utilize oxygen and starches. Mental stamina is about your capability to keep tabs on a movement for long periods and is connected with ideas like cause and self control. Below are the tips for how you can improve your mental stamina.

1. Positive Thinking

With the assumption that you have the expectancy in your particular capabilities, you can achieve generally anything you set your mind on. Obviously, you have heard this frequently however think about it – why is this conviction still around on the grounds? Just because it’s accurate...

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Metrosexual Grooming – A Trend in the Modern Dubai Lifestyle

Metrosexual Grooming

Spa and grooming treatments often come with the stigma of being girly or not for men. These days in Dubai however there is a wide range of treatments are available for men.

Taking pride in your appearance is vital. The trend these days are lavish lounges and Spas designed for men. The lounges offering shaves to waxing to haircuts, manicures, massages and facials. All set in masculine and sophisticated surroundings with added luxury like plasma and private libraries.

FCBS beauty and slimming center is one of those DHA certified center offering body slimming, beauty and massage treatments for men.  There are also lots of great deals available.

Call FCBS now to know more about our services and offers available on +971-4-3255481 or visit

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How to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals?

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Continuing from the previous article, Here I am going to share how to achieve your weight loss goals which really results in losing the weight.

You should frame a life style which supports your weight loss goal.

Make your diet plan in consultation with licensed dietitian. Make it in such a way that it works your personality and your lifestyle instead of feeling constrained by your diet plan.

Remember one thing that if you are stressing over every decision and worried about every piece of food that goes in your mouth, you will never be successful at weight loss long term.

You may always be actively and consciously working on the strategy but never going off plan. It’s a strange concept but it makes sense if you really think about it...

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How Can One Really Lose the Weight?

Enjoying the sun

How was it that you really got going on your weight loss. People so unbelievably stuck and have been for a very long time feeling very hopeless but I know this is something you really want and need in your life. How do you break the awful cycle of negative thinking?

Let me break it down to some simple steps.

Ignoring the Inner Mean image of yourself !!!

It all starts when you start hating your body and punishing yourself badly for not being in shape. You must be wondering how to start this journey of losing weight and reshaping your body which you would love to see. You first need to have feeling of acceptance. Look in to mirror and say to yourself.

“OK, that’s it. Look at you. This is YOU. And that’s OK. You are making changes to be a healthier, more active person...

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